A green Christmas

Published on 12 December 2021 at 08:37

It's gonna be a green Christmas in the mythical place of Pangmoul (Indian territory between Bangladesh and Myanmar).

As from December 2021, we start a Junior Eco Farm for the local school and parish youth. Students will get a training in responsible farming, caring for their environment and each other.

The farm will be managed as a social cooperative, by selling farm products at low prices and with the proceeds  put in a school fund for the most deprived kids. 

In a first stage, 2 acres of land were prepared for crop cultivation while a comfortable chicken residence for 50 hens is now being completed, together with a shed for 6 piglets and 3 cows. 

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George Blaze
a year ago

Hi social-ecology-education-fund.org owner, Keep it up!