Small scale, great power for change.

SEEF is a boutique impact fund for the global south. It aims to accompany deprived communities in transition countries in their social and ecological emancipation.

Local communities are directly faced with social and ecological challenges as social exclusion, migration pollution or climate change.

Local consequences however, often remain underexposed by international observers, who tend to concentrate on macro-economic aspects as growth, poverty, health or climate change as such.

SEEF offers small-scale support in selected regions, where changing consumption patterns reinforce inequalities and ecological stress.

From education to emancipation.

Traditional actors predominantly are dedicated to one single mission: be it global warming, health, alphabetization, zero-hunger or gender equality.  SEEF however emancipates people with an integrated approach to face the world's social and ecological challenges, based on respect for the diversity of all people and their natural environment.

SEEF adheres to the 2020-2030 agenda and selected SDG's of the United Nations, by building its mission on three pillars: 

1. Free access to responsible education.

2. Sensibilisation to responsible citizenship.

3. Enabling social entrepreneurship. 

Fund matching approach. 

SEEF is a financially self sufficient organisation, funded by founders capital. It is their warranty for a long term commitment and continuity in SEEF's strategy. External financial support  - via fund matching - is however needed for the further development of its activities and to double its impact.

Besides that, SEEF also acts  - free of charge - as sponsor for third party projects for its local partners.