A micro masterplan for future generations.

Conversion of derelict schools into eco-friendly school campuses in the Mayombe area, the green lung of Congo. That is done under the heading "Mayombe Eco-Friendly School Network".

Candidate schools need to share a minimum of common eligible criteria :

  • Primary education with impact on local village communities

  • Small-scale

  • Geographically not urbanised 

  • Precarious infrastructure

  • Within the boundaries of the greater Mayombe region

  • Endorsement of the SEEF programme

Project commitment

In return for financial support offered by SEEF and its partners, school directions commit to endorse the SEEF charter and implement an adequate program in the daily running of the school.

Each construction project is implemented in phases, according to adequate funding available, and contains at least: six class rooms, adequate infrastructure, sanitary block and educational project : baby farm, library or orchard.