Restoring biodiversity in Congo's green lung.

A partnership between SEEF, the Congolese ONGD O.S.B. and the King Baudouin Foundation.

This inclusive project aims to create awareness with local youth for deforestation and loss of biodiversity in the province of central Congo. Faced with the big ecological challenges in their region, 100 underprivileged adolescents get an intensive training in agro-forestry and be equipped as beekeepers and fruit growers, a catalyst to restore the local ecosystem. 

Between 2021 and 2026, 100 participants are managing a programme for planting and maintaining 25.000 fruit trees a year. 

Besides getting a revenue as fruit growers and beekeepers, they will get familiar with the cooperative idea, by:

(i) selling their own production.

(ii) donate a part of their yearly production to our local partner OSB for the financing needs of future participants in the programme. 

Awareness classes in the Mayombe area.