Nsumbi Eco primary school.

In June 2021, SEEF finalized the conversion of a first derelict school campus in Nsumbi into a new eco-campus.

The brand new parish school with 6 classes is located in an extremely isolated area and daily welcomes over 500 children of the deprived local farmers community. 

The new school created a huge boost in scolarisation and attracts hundreds of kids from surrounding villages. 

Nsumbi baby school farm.

"Nsumbi Ecole Ecologique" runs a micro farm, with vegetable garden, chicken house for 12 chickens and 4 goats. 

Nsumbi eco-club.

Even if their impact is small, staff and students commit  to make from Nsumbi a better place to live.  

An eco-club composed by students, parents and teachers frequently comes together to define new actions as responsible citizens: clean up, zero waste and personal development. 

Nsumbi library

Each classroom has a micro-library where the kids can take a book to improve reading skills and increase imagination. Classes organise a school contest for reading aloud and declamation.