Renovation and integration into SEEF's school network of the mythical "Ecole St. Jean Apôtre",    the first school in one of the oldest Catholic parishes of the greater Boma region.

The school was constructed  - around 1950 - by Belgian missionaries and globally left in its original state.

  • Location: Village of Kiboni / Mbata Ntombo. 

  • Total classrooms : 9

  • Offices : 1

  • Number of students : 300

The degrading state of the building over the years has led to a drop out of students.

For its 75th anniversary, "St Jean Apôtre" has been be relaunched as the flagship school for the social-ecological actions of SEEF in the Mayombe region.  

Contractor in charge of the works is an ex-student of St. Jean-Apôtre. Students and parent committee will be involved and contributing to a maximum extent.

Renovation cost are borne by a private family, sharing  SEEF's vision and mission in its search for meaningful philanthropic impact.