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Below we explain how we manage your browsing activity, collect and use your online gifts, and how we process your personal data.

Legal information.

Asbl Social Ecology Education Fund vzw 

Rue Médoristraat 83 

1020 Brussels - Belgium

Company register: RPR Brussels -  0735.364.522

Payment processing. 

  1. For each gift, relevant personal and payment information is collected online. The website and applications are hosted by (i) our hosting provider, (ii) our payment intermediary and (iii) the payment provider of your choice. Gifts are either directly credited on our sustainable bank account with Triodos Bank in Belgium or indirectly via our Entraide Vincentienne à l' Etranger who is entitled to deliver tax deduction certificates. 

  2. For the correct execution of your payment, you accept the general terms of the payment provider intermediary and the provider of your choice, without giving rise to liability for us for any reason whatsoever. You will receive an electronic confirmation after payment.


  1. We collect all our own and gift money on a specific bank account with Triodos Bank Belgium, unless you have paid to a partner organisation in order to obtain a tax deduction certificate. On a periodic basis, international money transfers are made to our local representatives.  We are acting in good faith as funding and coordinating supervising partners and cannot be held liable should your gift not be used locally according to your expectations.

  2. We have not entered into any locally legal binding commitments for the infrastructure, daily running or employment in a project.

  3. Your gift can be either without a specific purpose or with a specific purpose, if it is made for a specific order through our donation catalogue. In the latter case, we will use your money as much as possible in accordance with your preferences. However, very much will depend from the daily needs in the projects. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your donation will effectively be used for the specific item loaded in your shopping cart. There logically is no shipment of orders to your address.

  4. Any gift is supposed to be free of charge or compensation.

  5. We may propose you to make your payment to a partner organization, in order to provide you with a tax deduction certificate, provided that the provisions of the Belgian income tax code are respected.

  6. The fund matching principle of 200% impact (1 eur + 1 eur)  is an approximative and best effort from the founders. It can not be measured exactly. 

Data privacy.

  1. Applicable regulation. We commit to process personal data of our donors and sympathizers in accordance with the applicable European Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018.

  2. How do we collect personal data? For each gift to a project, we collect personal data via an electronic form on the website, our payment supplier intermediary and bank account.

  3. What personal data do we collect and process? We only collect personal data that are necessary to carry out our mission adequately. These data include name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and bank account number.

  4. For what purpose do we process personal data? Personal data are processed for the execution of the gift, for accounting and eventually for tax purposes. In addition, we may rely on our legitimate interest to contact potential or existing donators and sympathizers, in order to give them adequate feedback on our activities or to raise additional funds for our activities.

  5. How do we handle personal data? Data are used so that we can carry out our mission as efficiently as possible.

  6. How long do we retain personal data? We keep the data for the period of time necessary to achieve the intended purpose and as long as needed for legal and tax purposes.

  7. Do we store personal data in a secure manner? We treat data in a safe way and use security measures and technology from third parties (website, payment services, office software) to adequately protect the data against unauthorized access, use, loss or disclosure. However, where third parties are involved, the commitment is on a best effort basis. 

  8. What can you do about your personal information? If you want to know the type personal data stored by us or do you think that contact details are incorrect, incomplete or you want them to be deleted, please write to that you want your data deleted from our records. If you are of the opinion that your data is being treated incorrectly, you can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

  9. Data processor. Social Ecology education Fund vzw, Rue Médori 83, 1020 Brussels, Belgium, RPR Brussels 0735.364.522


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