Gender equality ... a long work in progress, from the North to the South. 

Stand up, girl ! is a project that aims to empower Indian adolescent girls from deprived communities to come up for themselves. As responsible citizens, they give something back to the future generations by organizing ecology workshops in their home villages.   


1. The project offers young girls access to higher education, by disbursing study grants. Girls can on-board at high school during 3 years.

2. In exchange for the study grant received, the girls organize ecological workshops for the future generation in their home village where micro-ecological villages are created.

3. The Fund and the girl act as equal partners in two directions. Each girls commits to our project charter and contributes to society as a responsible citizen. Not as the poor being helped by the rich.

4. At the end of the traject, these girls have a prospective to build up a professional and family life in India. The alternative is very often an precarious life as a servant abroad.


The project meets the criteria of the Fund: working towards social inclusion and ecological awareness through education. 

1. We facilitate the setting up of eco-villages by providing an adequate methodology.

2. We support financially a specific subgroup of girls over their full 3 year-high school cycle, as from their on-boarding.

3. We act as an intermediary for anyone who is triggered by this initiative and wants to sponsor a student. 


Come and join us !

With only 1 EUR a day you can build a bright and gender-equal future for girls with a great potential in India.




Each student's background is different. Each education traject is different. The financial incentive we offer for each student however is the same fixed grant for everybody.

It is passed trough for 100% and composed as follows:

  • 100 EUR college fee
  • 100 EUR study books
  • 50 EUR academic fee (use of internet, library, labo, ...)
  • 50 EUR mobility  
  • 50 EUR accommodation