A "Micro-Master Plan" for the conversion of 3 derelict schools into 3 planet friendly campuses that share our  philosophy about social ecology. All 3 are located in the greater Boma area (Central-Kongo).


1. Ecole Ecologique de Nsumbi 

In June 2021, we finalized the conversion of a first derelict school campus in the remoted area of Nsumbi into a new eco-campus. The brand parish school with 6 classes is located in an isolated area and daily welcomes over 500 children of the deprived local farmers community. 


« Vraiment, c’est un grand bâtiment.
Le plus grand et le plus joli du milieu et secteur.
C’est du jamais vu dans le milieu… »

Père Raymond


2. Ecole Ecologique de Tshimpondo

A derelict school campus for primary education, welcoming 300 local children, composed by twin blocks in precarious state:  

- Block A: Class 1-3, partially erected by the parents community and left unfinished. 

- Block B: Class 4-6, to be demolished and reconstructed.


Fundraising process ongoing. 


3. Ecole Ecologique de Muanda 

A newly constructed boutique campus by our partner OSB, almost finished (5 classes + 1 meeting room).

Further need for extension with a new wing for extra capacity. 


In return for our financial support, the Boma diocese and school directions commit to adopt our Social Ecology charter and implement our program in the daily running of the school


The construction projects are implemented in phases, according to adequate funding available: 

  • Reconstruction of the class building(s)
  • Infrastructure and educational equipment (with library or other project)
  • Construction of toilets
  • Reconstruction of the principal's office and the school meeting room


Read here the full Letter of Intention of our 1st project:

Ecole Ecologique De Nsumbi
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