Project commitments.

1. Preserve the beauty of the earth and its habitants.

2. Limit useless consumption of natural resources as water and gas or electricity and precious materials.

3. Avoid the use of plastic, toxic or polluting material or components.

4.  Limit, collect, recycle waste and reuse materials. 

5. Use natural ingredients for homemade food instead of consuming industrial products.

6. Prefer locally manufactured goods and services instead of letting them come from multinationals far away.

7. Respect the equality ànd the diversity of all people and treat them correctly.

8.  Give each person access to education and do not allow money, origin, religion or disabilities to be an issue.

9. Ensure that the working conditions and remuneration of coworkers and suppliers are fair, excluding children or oppressed groups.

10.  As responsible citizens, give every day the best of ourselves to make the earth a good place to live together.