Stand up, girl!

In our 2018 Stand up, Girl ! project, SEEF and its partner expressed the ambition to support over hundred Indian underprivileged girl students from the lowest Dalit caste, through:

  • A gender programme, primarily aimed at their self-empowerment through education.

  • Financial self-sufficiency, whereby eligible girls can receive a financial incentive of 1 euro per day during their study career. Rather than seeing this scholarship as charity that structurally maintains inequality, it is a leverage in the hands of the girls themselves: in return for a financial compensation, girls are supposed to engage themselves as eco-ambassadors for the youth in their local village.

Stand up, girl! Talent academy

Covid 19 had a negative impact on the general wellbeing of girls and youth in general:  physical distances and lack of modern means of communication reinforced physical and digital isolation during lockdowns.  

The Stand up, Girl ! Talent Academy is a mental health repair programme. It wants to reinforce well being by talent development, combined with responsible citizenship for the planet and its habitants.