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Feel free to make single gift or standing order to:


The account of Social Ecology Education Fund (without tax certificate)

IBAN: BE07 5230 8116 8766



The account of our partner Entraide Vincentienne à l'Etranger (with 45% tax deduction certificate > 40 EUR/year)

IBAN: BE55 3101 4025 7844

BIC: BBRUBEBB - Ref: Social Ecology Education Fund



Do you prefer to support a specific action or need? Have a look into our catalogue and pay directly online through our integrated payment platform.  


Social Ecology Education Fund is a financially self sufficient organisation. Your support is however more than welcome for the further development of its activities. 

Here are our principles: 

1.   The Fund has no overhead expenses. All out of pocket costs of the Fund (infrastructure, administration, travel, promotion...) are borne by the founders. 

2.  Your gift is fully allocated to the project you sustain.

3.  The return on impact of your gift is 200%, as the founders always personally fund minimum 50% of the Fund's working capital. It is their warranty for the a long term commitment and continuity in the Fund strategy.