The mythical North-East.

Located in Pangmoul, a village 40 kms to the South of Imphal,  state capital in the North-East of India, close to Bangladesh and Myanmar. 

Supported by SEEF, a pilot project has been set up at a christian mission, where a pastoral ministry is combined with educational services by operating a school and two school hostels that well merge with the topography.

Stakeholders are the village leader, staff and students of the school, members of the youth association, members of the mission and the local women groups.


1.  Improve rural livelihood with agriculture as trigger for development, food security and fighting poverty.

2. Disseminate awareness on healthy food production. 

3. Promote diversity in crops, instead of monocultures as driver for protecting nature.

4. Improve soli fertility, manage pest damage and weeds by using eco-friendly methods.

7. Improve food resilience as protection against shocks from climate and food prices. 

Project Activities.

1. Training about concept of integral ecology, eco-farming and its basic principles.

2. Demarcating two acres of land as demonstration ground on eco farming and organic agriculture. 

3. Land terracing and trenching for water harvesting and vermicompost.

4. Construction of a small poultry, piggery and extension of the existing cowshed.

5. Construction of a biogas plant.

6. Raising 50 layers, 5 piglings and two cows.

7. Initiation into the cultivation of vegetables and planting fruit trees.

8. Ensure soil health by using only green manure, farmyard manure, vermicompost and crop residues.

9. Periodical passements and sharing the outcomes with the target population and the stakeholders.