Practical arrangements

Hello Girls, 

It was good to catch up last week.  After these first induction meetings, we are excited to now implement the year program.

Last call for participatants: we expect your personal commitment letter and detailed personal data with selfie to be sent to 

This will allow us to build a tight community with a fixed number o f co-ambassadors for 2021. Let's make our website pages dynamic with our exchanges, pictures etcetera. 


Participants will receive 50% of the participation fee upfront at the start of the program. The balance will be paid at the end of year 1, subject to satisfactory results. So, go for it ! 

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Kick off

Hello Girls, 

We are excited to start with you this new adventure. No reason to be stressed! We have a full year to work on our ecological mission for kids, together! A work in progress: learning by doing, as in your future life as a teacher! 

As discussed, you will find below: 

1) the general presentation we used for the kick off with the ten topics we would like to explore together. This might of course change during the year.  

2) a Youtube link to a presentation for kids about Laudato Sì. Also excellent for adults! 


Please take the time by next meeting on August 1st 2020, to  (i) explore this website, (ii) do some google searches on the "Sustainable Development Goals" and (iii) watch the short movie on Laudato Sì in the link enclosed.  

We also ask you to send your short motivation letter by that date on one page to,  covering three questions: 

  • why are you participating to this program? 

  • what do you expect from it at the end? 

  • how will you prepare yourself for each eco-workshop?


Let us also use the comment box and voting buttons below to share our impressions with each other as a community ! 


Good luck and see you next week at the webinar on 5 years Laudato Sì! 

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Final Laudato Si Poster
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Rajee. Prathipati
2 years ago

I am glad that i am part of this universal group.. May it help me to grow..

Kola savithri
2 years ago

Thanks for helping us

2 years ago

Is my pleasure that I am also a member of your group. And I will do my job regarding to environment.

2 years ago

Thank for your greatness that evoking us in ecology

Divya Priya Gali
2 years ago

it gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this group

T.Ramya sri
2 years ago

I'm very happy to meet a great heart people like you ...thank u so much for u r help....

2 years ago

Thank you for helping

Bapatla Pravallika
2 years ago

Thank you your support for us

preethi Gali
2 years ago

it's a wonderful opportunity to meet you and do something for nature

2 years ago

Tq for u support

Hello Girls, We hope you enjoyed this fist kick off. Are you motivated to start this journey together with us?

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