Let's leave a better world to our future generations by making a bequest !

Check out with your notary public. Rules are different from place to place and subject to changes.  



If you’re leaving your property to your children, your spouse, direct family members, you can choose to make a bequest by adding a good cause like ours, to your will.


DUAL LEGACY – a winning combination

You’ll prevent the assets you’ve left to distant inheritors from being almost entirely lost in inheritance tax. Thanks to this method, you’ll help a Belgian charity instead of paying tax, while allowing these inheritors to actually receive what you intended to bequest to them… and avoiding excessive tax at the same time!

How does it work? You nominate a recognised charity as your beneficiary. It’s then up to the charity to transfer part of the money received (a sum decided by you) to one of your inheritors. And since charities are subject to much lower inheritance tax, everybody wins. To make a bequest to an organisation is the ideal solution!