Social Ecology Education Fund was founded in 2017 by Patrizia Civetta (°1968, Italy) and Frederick De Gryse (°1972, Belgium).

Patrizia can rely on 30 years of experience as an expert in education and social integration in Italy and Belgium.

Frederick has gained experience in Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy over 25 years in ethical financing and in managing a poverty organisation.

They have been traveling frequently to India and its surrounding countries since 2009.  


They are assisted by a Sounding Board, composed of their local representatives in India and DR Congo. 


The founders observed that many NGO's are dedicated to specific primary aid in Africa and South-East Asia (hunger, alphabetisation, health and gender equity).  Their microfund however focuses on selected areas in transition countries with an integrated approach through education and sensibilisation. Focus is on regions facing social and ecological challenges as social exclusion, pollution and migration. It often remains underexposed by international observers, who tend to rather focus on macro-economic growth aspects.